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Welcome to my website where you can find all things Liam. Right now you’re on the home page, which every piece of video and writing will find its way too, it will also find itself on a dedicated video, picture, or post page. The Legacy page features videos from the past 8 years that I am proud of. Those that I am not proud of did not make the cut, which is almost like leaving behind a child you don’t like, except this is a little bit harder. I plan to link future videos on a page, as well as posts, however I am not going to make commitments about either of those, because one of us is always going to get hurt by delays, but we both know that it is going to be me hurt, because you aren’t actually reading this. This web page might be open in another tab while you’re watching cute dogs do backflips or cats fly from ceiling fans; tell Fluffy and Sir WigginBottom that I’m glad they’ve retained your attention much longer than I have, because reading sucks.
Introduction. Here is a little about me, my name is Liam and I have been making some form of internet content since 2008, when I was 9 years old. “WOW, 9 YEARS OLD?!”, yes I was very young when I started making websites and videos, because my parents made the mistake of giving me the family camcorder and a computer at a very young age. Probably not a good idea on their part, but I continued to become one with the internet. I’ve started off making YouTube Channels with a myriad of friends and family, but eventually I decided on posting everything on a personal channel, LiamMrK.

I have hopes to make new content. Whatever that content may be, I plan on making a lot of different things, whatever I feel like making at the time. Also I am no longer holding myself to a standard that doesn’t exist. The past 3 years I have been holding myself to a certain quality of video content, but I don’t deserve that. Thinking I can do better with anything I make is an impediment to having fun when making content. Sure, I’ll strive to be better, but if a video sucks, I’m still going to post it because my expectations are no longer going to be high. I have a large collections of videos from the past 3 years that are awful, so expect to see those soon.


Plans for 2016

Hi! Happy 2016, I know it is almost leap day so I’m pretty late, but as most romantic comedies have taught us, it is never too late!
Lame segue into what this post is really about. I would like to make a point that I have plans for this year. I have exactly three plans. Three big plans.
These big plans are all video series. I know what you might be thinking “Liam, your video plans have never worked out before, so why try now?”
WELL YOU PESSIMISTIC PERSON, as Galaxy Quest taught us “Never Give Up Never Surrender” and if you haven’t seen that movie stop reading this and go watch it and then laugh at my hilarious reference you sad, lost soul.

I will state my plans in order of how likely I think it is able for them to be created.

We Be Active-
This is the working title for a show where my very close friend Firth and I will record our athletic endeavors for a good laugh as we’re both very unfit and very non-athletic. We’ve already done some training as to pretend to prepare for this show. This show is the most possible because we both have very free weekends, two POV cameras, and the willingness to try something new. This show will be based on the idea that people love watching people do things they’re bad at, for a good laugh. Plus it is a way for my friend and I to get in some “exercise” depending on that episode’s activity. Ideas we’ve spitballed with range from mountain biking and hiking to learning how to surf and shooting guns at things. This show has been thought about a moderate amount, but seems the most possible.

Liam Live-
This is simple. I have always thought that live shows are one of the coolest mediums of video production. It would be a talkshow based show, and I have thought of a couple ideas that it could be around, however this show seems less possible as I can’t find a definite topic for it to be about. Nobody wants to hear me just ramble and mess around without a topic or main structure. Also nobody wants to see a worse Jimmy Fallon or Jimmy Kimmel, so being original is what I’m striving for, but it turns out that I’m having troubles being original, making this idea less likely than the one before it.

Zipper is a sketch based show that I have already written 4, pretty funny, episodes, these episodes range from 3-7 minutes long. The name Zipper stems from a personal joke and story that would be revealed if the show ends up online. The reason this is the least likely is because I have an awful acting ability, meaning that this show would be the most difficult to make and would take a lot of effort. I have always wanted to make sketches, I started on Youtube making a sketch based talkshow on RUBIXDUDES titled “M and N Talkshow” so I want to make a return to sketches. I hope to see this one come true, let’s just see.

When do I think these things may get done? Well I am hoping that “We Be Active” (working title) will come online sometime in April. I am hoping that Liam Live will come online sometime in May, maybe June after school ends. Zipper is going to have to be a summer event, so that is the plan! These three things can go on at the same time, however Liam Live and Zipper would be the easiest two to do at the same time. Can’t wait to see what happens!

Thanks for reading this! I am going to try to update on here often.



What’s Next

Hi. Remember me? I’m Liam, LiamMrK. You can call me Liam or Mr. K. I’ve been making videos for many moons now, starting with my first video released on my brother and I’s first channel:  RUBIXDUDES, which was uploaded August 24, 2008. While the last video I actually posted on the internet was titled “Cartoon Antics” on my personal channel “LiamMrK” on September 29, 2013.

While that may have been the last date I posted something, I have not stopped thinking about videos ever. Ideas for new videos run through my brain every second of every day, my desk is full of notecards ranging from a one sentence idea to a full blown script.

I haven’t made a video in a while because I’ve hit quite a few bumps along the road. The main bump was my family’s move to a new house. At this new house things are rather tense, due to the lack of room, however things have gotten better over the past year and we are pretty much used to it now.

One other major bump that prevented me was school. No, school did not take up a lot of my time, even though I am in the highest classes, school just took away my will to create something I was proud of. I’ve made a video every month or so, but nothing seems good enough to post. I have gotten past this mindset and I am starting to put my foot back in the water, especially with my new gear.

New gear you say?

Yes. I have acquired quite a bit new impressive gear over the past 22 months and I’m ready to create better content.

Before I tell you guys about the future, I thought I would tell you about and show you pictures of the things I did during the gap.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Let’s talk about the future. I currently have amazing gear. I am currently building a new system that will be able to handle the work load. New videos will be coming out. I am taking 5 AP classes this year, so I don’t know the frequency of video releases. But I can assure they will happen. Most likely one, maybe two, videos will be posted before school begins.

I guess that is all for now. Thanks for reading. -LiamMrK


Welcome to 2015!
Yes, I know you’ve been in 2015 for over a month now, but I feel as if I need to cover events that occurred in the first month of 2015, within this post.

I rang in the new year with my brother and an old friend. My brother and I love special occasions, so we went “all out” and purchased cider and poppers. Yes, I know, it doesn’t seem like much, but it is an enjoyable thing. The three of us did the whole countdown thing, and then we proceeded to watch three hours worth of musical specials, who knew Pitbull could be so sweaty. Personally, my favorite part of New Year’s specials, is people watching, noticing the people in the crowds who aren’t enjoying any part of the show. I find those people relatable.

Quickly after break, school began again. In AP Euro, we jumped right into Pre-World War I, and yes I know I am already losing you, if I hadn’t already lost you eight lines ago. If you are not familiar with the time before The Great War, a lot of it contains Otto Von Bismarck piecing together a nationalist Germany/Prussia. Let’s just say, in order to study for this section, my friends, even my teacher, and I sang the classic Biz Markie “Just a Friend” everyday at lunch.
Beneath I’ve posted a meeting of the minds, which is what we call the study session during lunch right before a large AP Euro essay or multiple choice test.

Meeting of the Minds

When school started, we had to start a new long-term project in Theatre class. Apparently the Advanced Theatre class has an annual tradition of doing a kids show and touring the elementary schools in my city, in order to entertain the children. Working on a children’s show is a hard idea to convey, here’s what I tell people “Have you ever seen the Wiggles, it’s like that”. We actually ended up going to a city-wide Theatre festival and showcasing a small part of our play, which was a rather fun day and a fun experience. I love the cast of our show, and enjoy the chemistry.

These are just three of the amazing 29ish people in the cast

Over the past two months I have began to use Twitter quite often, if you want to be entertain. @LiamMrK

Thanks for , I do know none of this was about filming or videos and I apologize, but this is my life.



In case you didn’t know, I am a theatre student, and I’ve been for about a year and a quarter so far and I am enjoying it. The crowd is so interesting and odd, but they’re a lot of fun to be around. Anyways each year our school does two productions, a play in the fall and a musical in the spring. For my Advanced Theatre class, we must have at least 15 hours of work per play, so I though I would try doing lights. So far I’m enjoying lights, basically just setting cues and such on the light board testing what lights properly light the scene. Yesterday was a different story, yesterday we finally got to some difficult activities in lights, as in adding lights to the electrics and adding gels.

Here is what we did:




Yes. I know. We were on top of the scaffolds… I mean seriously I was freaked out. Our theatre is known for being haunted (I’ll get into that a little bit closer to Halloween), but those things are about 2 stories high and have very few railings (especially the sides facing out toward the audience). In the photos you can also see Pedro, who is a higher ranking member of lights than I am (I am the youngest and I am ranked 4/5). We’re about to go into the Tech Week of our show and then the week after we will begin performances, which I am ready to light!

That’s about all…


Finally Filming

Jon, my friend is coming over on Saturday to get a video filmed, for the first time in a year. I know it is really delayed, but I think we’ll do great, and I already have an outline going. I most definitely need to film a thanks video after I film this video, because incase you don’t know, I actually only paid for about 1/6 of my camera, myself. My extended family contributed the majority of it. Here is the thing, I really don’t want to just say “Thank you”. I want to do something at least semi-unique, to say thanks, because this camera is a blessing. I’m so lucky to have such great family that is willing to help out, even if I only see them once a year.

I filmed a test video and I was editing it on my computer, and it got a little graphic intensive for my computer, which is odd, because my computer fits within the parameters of the software. You have to understand that this makes me a tad bit angry. It really messes up my computer, it shuts it off and confuses it. I think my next crisis to solve will be to get a new computer. Obviously this will take a few years, maybe when I graduate, maybe even later. If I am going to do VFX I’ll need a better graphics card and quite possibly more RAM. On that note, I finally started fixing up my old computer, that I received at the age of 7. Yeah, that’s right, I was given my own computer at the age of 7, and it still works. I’m proud of the fact that it still works, heck my original xbox from 2004 still works. I don’t typically break things, and I’m rather sentimental, so I’ll be conducting business on my old PC when it pertains to… things that don’t require a lot of computing power.


Saturday came and we didn’t film, but that’s alright, I believe I’ll do some lower level work this week before we attempt to film again. I definitely want to work with sound, I’ve barely used my new mics.

I spent about three days working on my old computer and well so far I’ve not been able to fix it. I made backups and I attempted to restore it, but nothing worked.

Sorry if this seems jumbled, I’m writing this while being distracted.


Adding Ads

How would you guys feel if I added ads to my site? It would be a way for me to make a tad bit of money, and I think I really need it. I currently have no cash flow, and it would be nice to have some. Of course all the money would go towards making videos, but I think that I should do it? What do you think? I know most of you are just bots, but it would be perfect if someone replied. If you have an opinion on this tweet me @liammrk or email me at liam(at)liammrk.com.

Thanks for reading, this was a quick inquiry.


Camera Battery and ETC

As you know, my camera arrived without its battery, which is honestly the most tantalizing thing in the world. I contacted the company and they said they’d contact me again within two days to keep me updated. I was awaiting their big update and when I checked my email, they replied with “We’ll keep updated”, which was their big update.

Once they finally located my battery they shipped it and should be here on Friday, which means I can film Saturday and then post on Sunday to beat one year of inactivity.

Hopefully I can get a couple people to help the shoot on Saturday, I have an idea in mind, but no written script. I plan on asking my theatre class if anyone would like to participate. Which reminds me, Theatre class today was interesting, we had to do Shakespeare scene and I got partnered up with the same person I had for our last Shakspearean activity. Both times my character ended being insulted or ignored, I’m starting to see a pattern with this particular person. I just find it pretty funny. It was a strange activity, and I have to say that I did an awful job.

That is pretty much all I have to say about that. (Forrest Gump reference)


Camera Arrived

Hey guys!

I’m so excited! My camera arrived yesterday, which I knew it was, but let’s be honest even though I knew it was coming it was still a huge surprise. I picked the absolutely worst time to open the box. Apparently people don’t like box openings during the preparation of dinner or while someone is playing video games. I simply sat down in the middle of my living room with my pocket knife and I started slicing through the box (I almost cut myself 4 times, I’m a little reckless, keep that in mind ladies). The camera was not the only thing in the box, because with a camera of this stature, you have to spend “mucho dinero” in order to have it function.

The box consisted of:

-The Camera

-32 GB SD Card

-Hot Shoe Mount

To be honest, I am stalling to get to the high point of this unboxing, but I’ll go ahead and jump forward. So anyways, I got to the camera box and I cut off all the tight plastic wrap, and opened the box. I immediately got excited on sight of the camera. I pulled out the camera and set up the charger in order to charge the camera, but then I notice that the battery was missing from the box.

This was the moment my heart broke. An empty space in the very-well put together box where the battery should be. I called up the company, but they were already out for the day, so I emailed them, to both of their emails. This morning I checked my email, they said “I have contacted our warehouse to try to locate the missing piece”, like they’re playing hide and seek with my battery or something! They have BMPCC batteries in stock, why don’t they just send me one of those?

This afternoon I noticed that the camera works if it is plugged in, so I’ve shot a few random videos, nothing scripted or containing audio. I most likely won’t be able to use the camera for another week or so, but I can most definitely post pictures of it.




My First Party Experience

I don’t know if you know me, but I don’t really like social situations. I am really bad at them and the only way to get better is to frequent them. So I was invited to my friends Devin’s birthday party, which I attended last night, and I have to say it was one of the coolest things I’ve ever been apart of.

I didn’t really know anyone there, I could count the people I knew on one hand (Alex, Carly, Savannah, Devin, and Griffin), so it was a little awkward at first. As the night progressed we started to do more activities, one of which was a scavenger hunt where you have to go around the neighbor hood and get items from neighbors. I was on Devin’s team and I believe we got 2nd or 3rd place, but it was still a lot of fun.

I know what you’re thinking “This doesn’t have anything to do with his youtube channel”, and I really don’t care, I thought it would be rather nice to chronicle my life here on this website.

Anyways back to the party, there was dancing, food, candy, bouncy structures, DJ, and a ping pong tournament. I am really bad at dancing, but I’ve learned to live with it, so I was dancing the entire time really over in the corner with the strobe light and disco-type lights. There was a “dance squad” that was in that corner the entire time, and I call them the dance squad, because they stay huddled together all night and really got into the dancing. Right before she left. Savannah came over and danced embarrassingly, which was awesome!

There was a lot more to the party than that, but that’s all I’m going to recap for ya’ll.

Thanks for reading!



I was trying to take a picture of people dancing, came out blurry. In effect, Savannah walked over to me to tell me she saw me take the photo, like it was some secret or something. Shhhh… It was funny though.

Here’s the photo