Hi! Happy 2016, I know it is almost leap day so I’m pretty late, but as most romantic comedies have taught us, it is never too late!
Lame segue into what this post is really about. I would like to make a point that I have plans for this year. I have exactly three plans. Three big plans.
These big plans are all video series. I know what you might be thinking “Liam, your video plans have never worked out before, so why try now?”
WELL YOU PESSIMISTIC PERSON, as Galaxy Quest taught us “Never Give Up Never Surrender” and if you haven’t seen that movie stop reading this and go watch it and then laugh at my hilarious reference you sad, lost soul.

I will state my plans in order of how likely I think it is ableĀ for them to be created.

We Be Active-
This is the working title for a show where my very close friend Firth and I will record our athletic endeavors for a good laugh as we’re both very unfit and very non-athletic. We’ve already done some training as to pretend to prepare for this show. This show is the most possible because we both have very free weekends, two POV cameras, and the willingness to try something new. This show will be based on the idea that people love watching people do things they’re bad at, for a good laugh. Plus it is a way for my friend and I to get in some “exercise” depending on that episode’s activity. Ideas we’ve spitballed with range from mountain biking and hiking to learning how to surf and shooting guns at things. This show has been thought about a moderate amount, but seems the most possible.

Liam Live-
This is simple. I have always thought that live shows are one of the coolest mediumsĀ of video production. It would be a talkshow based show, and I have thought of a couple ideas that it could be around, however this show seems less possible as I can’t find a definite topic for it to be about. Nobody wants to hear me just ramble and mess around without a topic or main structure. Also nobody wants to see a worse Jimmy Fallon or Jimmy Kimmel, so being original is what I’m striving for, but it turns out that I’m having troubles being original, making this idea less likely than the one before it.

Zipper is a sketch based show that I have already written 4, pretty funny, episodes, these episodes range from 3-7 minutes long. The name Zipper stems from a personal joke and story that would be revealed if the show ends up online. The reason this is the least likely is because I have an awful acting ability, meaning that this show would be the most difficult to make and would take a lot of effort. I have always wanted to make sketches, I started on Youtube making a sketch based talkshow on RUBIXDUDES titled “M and N Talkshow” so I want to make a return to sketches. I hope to see this one come true, let’s just see.

When do I think these things may get done? Well I am hoping that “We Be Active” (working title) will come online sometime in April. I am hoping that Liam Live will come online sometime in May, maybe June after school ends. Zipper is going to have to be a summer event, so that is the plan! These three things can go on at the same time, however Liam Live and Zipper would be the easiest two to do at the same time. Can’t wait to see what happens!

Thanks for reading this! I am going to try to update on here often.


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